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Current research projects

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Here are some details of Malcolm's current research projects. Details of past research projects can be found here.

Title Role Funder Amount Duration
Common Operations of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI) Partner EU €3.6 million 2011-2015
Earthquake and Failure FOrecasting in Real Time (EFFORT): from controlled laboratory tests to volcanoes an earthquakes Co-I NERC £0.5 million 2011 2013
e-Science Core Programme Senior Research Fellow PI EPSRC £1.1 million 2006-2011
Intuitive Large-scale Image Processing for Biologists (Rapid-OMERO) PI BBSRC £0.8 million 2010-2012
NRP: National eScience Centre Research Platform Co-I EPSRC £480,000 2008-2013
SSI: The UK Software Sustainability Institute Co-I EPSRC £4.3 million 2010-2015
VERCE: Virtual Earthquake and Seismology Research Community in Europe e-science Partner EU €4.7 million 2011-2015
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