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Past research projects

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Details of current projects can be found here

Title Role Funder Amount Duration
Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe (ADMIRE) Partner EU €4.3 million 2008-2011
All Hands Meeting Network (AHM-Net) PI EPSRC £0.3 million 2008-2011
Bulk Type Constructors PI EPSRC £0.08 million 1989-1992
Data Integration Applications: Linking Organizations to Gain Understanding and Experience (DIALOGUE) PI EPSRC £0.04 million 2005-2007
Developmental Gene Expression map (DGEMap) Partner EU-FP6 Euro 2.2 million 2005-2008
Digital Curation Centre co-I EPSRC & JISC £3.7 million 2004-2008
Distributed Resilient Architecture with Scalable Technology for Incremental Change (DRASTIC) co-I EPSRC £0.1 million 1995-1998
e-Science Data Information & Knowledge Transformation (eDIKT) co-I SHEFC £2.3 million 2002-2007
The e-Science Institute PI EPSRC £2.7 million 2006-2011
e-Science Technical OpeRations Meetings (e-STORM) PI EPSRC £0.4 million 2004-2005
e-Science Technical OpeRations Meetings 2 (e-STORM2) PI EPSRC £0.8 million 2004-2005
e-Science Technical OpeRations Meetings 3 (e-Storm3) co-I EPSRC £0.5 million 2006-2008
e-Science Training PI PPARC £0.4 million 2004-2007
Enabling Grids for e-Science in Europe (EGEE) (training) co-I EU FP6 £0.5 million 2004-2006
Enabling Grids for e-Science (EGEE 2) co-I EU FP6 Euro 37.0 million 2006-2008
Extending HCI Design Principles and Task Analysis for Software and Data Visualisation cp-I EPSRC £0.06 million 1995-1997
GridNet- A proposal to establish a UK Network of Excellence in Grid Computing and e-Science PI EPSRC £0.5 million 2002-2005
GridNet2 PI EPSRC £0.4 million 2005-2008
Generic Remote Usage measurement Production System (GRUMPS) co-I EPSRC £0.3 million 2001-2004
Intellect e-Science Consortium Network (IECNet) co-I DTI £0.9 million 2005-2008
International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education (ICEAGE) PI EU-FP6 Euro 1.2 million 2006-2008
Meeting the design challenges of the nano-CMOS electronics co-I EPSRC £0.6 million 2006-2010
National e-Science Centre and e-Science Institute PI EPSRC & DTI £7.1 million 2001-2006
National e-Science Centre co-I EPSRC £0.4 million 2006-2008
NextGRID co-I EU FP6 £2.7 million 2004-2007
Neuroinformatics Grid co-I MRC £0.8 million 2002-2006
NeuroPsyGrid: towards an ontology and multicentre brain imaging in early psychosis co-I MRC £0.4 million 2007-2009
OGSA-DAI: an OMII-UK node - Services and Middleware for e-Science PI EPSRC £1.8 million 2005-2008
OGSA-DAI Two PI EPSRC £1.2 million 2003-2005
PJAVA: High-Performance Orthogonally Persistent JAVA Servers PI EPSRC £0.3 million 1996-1999
Scheduling and Partitioning Large Scale Intelligent Memory Machines PI EPSRC £0.03 million 1990-1991
Service Composition for Data Exploration in the Virtual Observatory (SC4DEVO) PI EPSRC £0.04 million 2004-2006
Self-Adjusting Indexes for Large Sequences (SAILS) PI EPSRC £0.1 million 2001-2004
A system for publishing scientific data co-I EPSRC £0.3 million 2004-2007
Training Manager PI JISC £0.2 million 2003-2005
Zoned Evolvable System Technology (ZEST) PI EPSRC £0.1 million 1996-1998
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