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These pages will contain the working documents for the Review. Please e-mail any comments, documents, etc. to jo{at} for inclusion in these pages.

Link to the EPSRC's page for the RCUK Review of e-Science:

The Review Panel's final report can be seen on the EPSRC's web site.


Drafts of Principal Research Projects Submissions

Drafts of Public Call for the Submission of Evidence

Drafts of Talks

Projects details


No. Action Update Completed
0/1 Jo Newman to arrange that all of the previously circulated (3 proforma), the tabled documents and drafts of documents be made available to the group via a wiki. Documents uploaded to 07/09/09 but ongoing
1 Agree Richard Kenway as Overview presenter Agreed 04/09/09
2 Agree speakers for 09:30 session Track 1 Agreed 04/09/09
3 Agree speakers for 09:30 session Track 2 Agreed 04/09/09
4 Agree speakers for 10:45 session Track 1 Agreed 04/09/09
5/0 Produce draft slide set of their talk for review Due by 29/10/09
1/1 Nigel Goddard, Andy Lawrence and Andy Law to consult with their former collaborators for Parallel Track 2: Edinburgh Research Highlights Done
2/1 Mark Parsons to contact Peter Toft & Carl Goodman to get the date of 7/12 in their diaries and to brief them about review and role. Both have agreed to attend the Review on 7th December to talk about their involvement with the e-Science Programme 14/09/09
3/1 Richard Kenway solicit and coordinate input from Michael Fourman, Steve McLaughlin, Nigel Brown & Dave Robertson and others to the Public Evidence proforma Due 15/09. Final version to MPA by 25/09 Done
6 Agree authors & process for UoE evidence Done 04/09/09
7 Agree leads and contributors for PRPS forms Done 04/09/09
8 Agree process for completing PRPS forms Done 04/09/09
9/0 Leads to complete PRPS process steps steering contributor effort Due by 01/10 Done
10/0 Contributors to respond, comment and contribute promptly Due by 25/09 Done
11/0 Malcolm to perform integrating review Due by 28/09 Done
12/0 Malcolm to send set of evidence to Sarah Fulford Due by 05/10 Done
13/0 Jo to monitor, coordinate and support evidence process Due by 05/10 Done
4/1 Dave Robertson speak with Peter Buneman to brief him on his role in preparing the DCC 3-page PRPS and discuss whether an understudy/ghost-writer should be identified 06/09/09
5/1 Mark Parsons speak with Arthur Trew to brief him on his role as lead writer of the NeSC non-research 3-page PRPS Done
6/1 Malcolm Atkinson, brief by email the Science Writer (Iain Coleman) & the Technical Journalist (Gillian Law) on their role in improving the text as soon as the lead writer makes it available and return suggestions to the lead writer before 22/9/9. This has already been mentioned to them. Done
7/1 Jo Newman oversee flow of versions/advice between the lead writers and IC&GL. Done
8/1 Send individual prompts to those writing the UoE response and those writing PRPS reminding them of their next deadline two or three days before. Done
9/1 Lead writers who have not done so should prepare a first draft of their 3-page PRPS as soon as possible and circulate it to the list so that others can contribute and boundary/balance issues can be recognised. Done
10/1 Jo Newman and Jano van Hemert tabulate who will already be going to Oxford who could be deemed a young researcher Current list of possibles: Chee Sun Liew, Gagarine Yaikhom, Rob Kitchen, Jos Koetsier
11/1 Jo Newman to coordinate and provide logistical arrangements for the travel and accommodation of the above party charging the IfeS account Suspense account set up via SoPA finance Dept. Hotel being booked. AHM registrations done for UoE party.
12/1 Jo Newman notify Stephen Lawrie that we are willing to cover costs of and help with arrangements for his demonstration if it is not already covered and arranged Done
14 Agree party to go Due by 30/10
15 Agree initial list of young researchers Due by 30/10
16/0 Jo to establish logistical arrangements Hotel booked. Travel to be arranged.
13/1 Jo to schedule a meeting to review the content of all the talks and demonstrations/posters in the week commencing 19/10 or the subsequent week. It was agreed we should hold a full rehearsal (except industry case studies) with a mock panel in the week before 7/12, preferably Wednesday morning. The next meeting will be held at 10.00am on 30th October 2009 in the Cramond Room at 15 South College Street. The full rehearsal will be held from 9.00am-1.30pm on 1st December 2009 in the Turing Room (5th floor of Informatics Forum) Done
14/1 Malcolm to persuade a suitable group to act as the panel at the full rehearsal Ongoing
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